Second Day of Work at Skiles Shelter


My name is Tina Nielsen and I am a first year graduate student at Texas State University and the Laboratory Director at SWCA, Inc. in Austin, Texas. This semester I have the unique opportunity to participate in the ASWT project in the Lower Pecos. I will be managing the field laboratory in addition to conducting field work and helping with many other aspects of the project. I look forward to teaching the interns about lab processing, analysis, and curation and look forward to the many challenges the spring semester holds.

Today Jacob and I continued excavating the disturbed layer (Layer 1) in Unit D at Skiles Shelter. Just when we thought we would never get past the endless amount of goat poop, we finally began hitting the underlying flood deposits. To make this accomplishment even sweeter, we found our first arrow point of the project at the contact between Layer 1 and 2! After we did the necessary paperwork and photogrammetry, we began excavating the flood deposit and surrounding matrix. Almost immediately Jacob found a sexy (many archaeologists actually use this term to describe artifacts, I promise) teardrop biface in situ. Just after, I found a Perdiz Point on the screen. Now, archaeology is not just about finding goodies, but as the sun starts beating down on you after many hours of digging and hauling buckets up and down the hill it is a nice reward.  


Dr. Black, Brian, and Charles finished working on profiling Unit A/B and Vicky, Jeremy, and Brooke opened up a 2×1 meter unit (Unit E) south of Unit A/B on the talus slope of the shelter. All in all, it was a very productive day at the site!


2 thoughts on “Second Day of Work at Skiles Shelter

  1. Hello and hope you are having a good time
    i would like to ask if what i have found in the Libyan desert is an arrow tip or not ,,, i am a geotechnical engineer , and while i was working on a pipeline for an oil company this very interesting rock popped out in front of me and i thought in the first sudden that it could be something precious so i took it with me . it looks very similar to the photo on the left , but its color is not dark like the one in the photo , its creamy color.
    any help in describing what it could be and its age??
    best regards

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